Recently, LogMeIn offered me a free trial of their Ignition for Windows software. I tried it out and thoroughly enjoyed how easy it was to just connect to a PC rather then the typical method of logging into the site then selecting the PC. Alas, my free trial has ended and instead of paying for the software I decided to make some shortcuts that would partially accomplish the same thing. The first thing I did was login to LogMeIn and make a “desktop shortcut” of every PC on my list. I then put the shortcuts all in one folder called LogMeIn. I edited the shortcut to all start with IE simply by adding my path to IE in quotes then appending the URL LogMeIn created after.

The reason for choosing IE is because it seems to have the best support for all of LogMeIn’s features compared to any other browser. I also added two options to the shortcut “-k” to start the connection in full screen or kiosk mode. I then put this folder in my Documents directory and added a toolbar to that folder on my taskbar. Now I have quick and easy access to any of my machines without paying a monthly rate for software that literally does the same thing if you are a free user.

Now that Ignition is free for the iPad I really hope LogMeIn makes the Windows version free as well however this solution will do in the meantime!


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